4-Week Supply OatWell™ Original Oat Bran Powder
4-Week Supply OatWell™ Original Oat Bran Powder

4-Week Supply OatWell™ Original Oat Bran Powder


Save 10% when you order 4-week supply of Oat bran powder with oat beta-glucan. Sprinkle 1 portion (11g scoop) of our OatWell™ Original oat bran powder to your breakfast or visit our recipes here for other tasty ways to add OatWell™ to your diet. 11g scoop contains the full daily amount of oat beta-glucan (3g). 

OatWell™ is natural oat bran. OatWell™ contains high concentrations of valuable beta-glucans, soluble fibres, which are found naturally within oats. Oat beta-glucan affects blood cholesterol levels. More than 100 scientific studies have proven the positive effects of oat beta-glucan. These positive effects of oat beta-glucan were first discovered in the 1960s and have been continually researched since. 

4-Week Supply = 2 x Bags = 28 Servings (1 per day)

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Why choose oatwell?

  • Reduces cholesterol
  • High in fibre
  • High in protein
  • Vegan
  • Heart health

Product Information

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OatWell contains oat brain, the part of the oat that is concentrated with the soluble fibre, oat beta-glucan.

When consumed, oat beta-glucan travels through the digestive tract and arrives in the small intestine. Beta-glucans are indigestible, meaning our bodies can’t brake them down. Instead, they absorb water and form a gel-like mesh that binds to nutrients, including fat, sugar, and cholesterol.

For people with cardiovascular diseases, the most important measures are a change in diet and regular exercise. These measures may also contribute to reducing the blood cholesterol level.

Oat beta-glucan demonstrably reduces the cholesterol level in the blood. The OatWell™ products containing natural oat beta-glucan are therefore ideal for a cholesterol-friendly diet.

Europe’s cardiological specialist associations ESC (1) and EAS (2) have also carefully examined the existing studies on cholesterol reduction through oat beta-glucan (dietary fibre). The result:
The use of oat beta-glucan has been included as a therapy option in the currently published joint guidelines (3) of the specialist associations.

100% customer satisfaction

“In just 28 days, my husband’s and my cholesterol levels are reduced. We are both delighted.”

Mrs Thomas

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