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The Goodness of oats

More than 100 scientific studies have proven the positive effects of oat beta-glucan.

Why Oatwell™?

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Oats is quite simply a grass-like cereal grain. Less simple is the story of how a stranger became a welcomed friend. It is not known who first discovered the positive characteristics of oats. It is only known that the original wild oats were continually refined, and that since the Middle Ages, oats have been used to treat various ailments.

Oats - The story of a friendship

Oats finally became “a friend” when scientists discovered how valuable they were in helping to lower cholesterol levels. You don’t even have to eat oat groats or porridge to benefit from its beneficial characteristics, there are lots of other ways.


Cholesterol is a fatty substance found naturally in the body. There are 2 sources of cholesterol: 1) the liver, which
produces around 1 gram of cholesterol per day and 2) the diet. Our bodies need some cholesterol to function properly. It’s used to form cell membranes,
hormones, bile acid and vitamin D. There are 2 main types of cholesterol in the
body, LDL and HDL. LDL takes cholesterol to cells in the body, whereas HDL
takes cholesterol back to the liver. Excess LDL is bad for health.

More than 100 scientific studies have been carried out and published in well-known scientific journals regarding the effect of oat beta-glucan on the cholesterol level in the blood. Studies regarding various foodstuffs (breakfast cereals, bread, cakes and pastries, drinks, pasta, snacks, etc.) have shown that beta-glucan can reduce the unwanted LDL cholesterol level by up to 10%. The HDL cholesterol level remains unaffected.

There are no symptoms which accompany a high cholesterol level. The only manner of checking the cholesterol level is through a blood test. The total cholesterol level should not exceed 5.0 mmol/L.

The cholesterol level can be reduced through the intake of the daily amount of 3g of oat beta-glucan. Each portion of the OatWell™ products contains the full 3g of beta-glucan and thus positively affects the cholesterol level. Oat beta-glucan is a naturally occurring dietary fibre contained in oats. Dietary fibres are valuable plant-based ingredients which should be part of every balanced diet.

The positive effects on the cholesterol level are only effective for as long as the products are consumed. If OatWell™ consumption is discontinued the positive effects on cholesterol disappear and the cholesterol levels return to their original values.

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