High Protein

High Protein

"Less Plastic, Low Calorie Low Cholesterol- ditch the supermarket plastic bottle products. This is great."

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High Protein Cereal

The average man should consume around 56 grams of protein a day, and the average woman 45 grams, which is why starting your day with a high protein cereal helps set you off on the right foot to meet your daily requirements. Protein is important for your health and wellbeing, and is found in different cells carrying out a range of functions in the body. Protein contributes to muscle mass, can be converted to glucose and used as fuel, and is a building block for things like enzymes and antibodies which carry out specific functions. It’s important to eat adequate amounts of protein, and a way to help do this is to begin your day with OatWell™. Sprinkling just two tbsp of our bran powder onto your breakfast will contribute 2.5g of protein to your daily intake. Shop OatWell™ cereals today and add some protein to your breakfast.


Why choose oatwell?

  • Reduces cholesterol
  • High in fibre
  • High in protein
  • Vegan
  • Heart health

100% Customer Satisfaction

I bought this because of the lower carb content than other flours. It makes great low carb pancakes/waffles and lowers the carb content and improves the texture of low carb of biscuits, cakes, bread etc. Also great for thickening gravy and adding to low carb smoothies.

High Protein Breakfast Cereal

Starting your day with some protein at breakfast is a great way to start contributing to your daily protein intake early on. Protein is important for your health and wellbeing, contributing to muscle mass and other specific functions such as the building blocks of the immune system. Having protein in your breakfast cereal benefits the body in other ways too. It helps to keep you fuller for longer, keeping you satisfied until lunchtime. Unlike sugary breakfast options which give the body a quick hit of energy that quickly decreases, OatWell™ is a satiable protein breakfast cereal that can help you start your day off right. Try it today for a well-rounded filling breakfast and for the energy to tackle anything!

OatWell™ cereals are not only high in protein, but contain cholesterol lowering oat beta-glucan fibre. The clinically proven amount of oat beta-glucan required to lower and control blood cholesterol is 3g per day, which is provided in every 2 tbsp portion of our Bran Powder. OatWell™ oat bran powder isn’t just for breakfast, try adding it to a number of tasty dishes, some of which you can discover here.