Heart Health

"I love this and use it to lower cholesterol it’s easy to sprinkle onto my morning porridge or into a yoghurt"

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Heart Healthy Cereal

A heart healthy cereal should tick all of the boxes… it should be tasty, versatile and deliver what it promises. That’s why we designed the OatWell™ range. Our products are a convenient and tasty way to obtain the amount of oat-beta glucan fibre needed to manage your cholesterol, helping you to keep your heart healthy. Try a bowl of our Crispy Hearts cereal with your favourite breakfast fruits for a heart healthy breakfast or, simply add 2 tbsp of our Bran Powder to your favourite recipes at breakfast or throughout the day to add 3g of oat-beta glucan to your meals. Try our heart healthy cereal today, to keep you and your heart happy.


Why choose oatwell?

  • Reduces cholesterol
  • High in fibre
  • High in protein
  • Vegan
  • Heart health

100% Customer Satisfaction

I add this to baking to lower the carbs and also sometimes cook it on the hob with water for an alternative to porridge for a fantastic breakfast!

Heart Healthy Breakfast Cereal

But, what makes Oatwell™ a heart healthy breakfast cereal?

Unfortunately, heart disease is responsible for the largest number of deaths worldwide. Looking after your heart with positive dietary and lifestyle choices on a daily basis is key to preventing heart disease, and thankfully, with the help from OatWell™ this can easily be achieved.

Due to the soluble oat beta-glucan fibre content of OatWell™, our cereal products make up part of a tasty heart healthy breakfast meal on a daily basis. The soluble fibre helps to lower cholesterol levels, which when high, is recognised as a risk factor of heart disease. Start looking after your heart with the OatWell™ heart healthy cereal range, providing the 3g of oat beta-glucan powder needed daily to lower and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

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