"I love this and use it to lower cholesterol it’s easy to sprinkle onto my morning porridge or into a yoghurt"

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Vegan Cereal

OatWell™ doesn’t just boast all these health benefits, it is also a vegan cereal. We aim to meet all dietary requirements with our products and be available to all. By making our products vegan, anyone can achieve low cholesterol and great gut health. Our Crispy Hearts vegan cereal is a great way to start the day, with the 3g of oat beta-glucan fibre needed for cholesterol management and heart health. It is the perfect breakfast for vegans who are looking to manage their cholesterol levels. However, if you simply want a supplement that you can add to your favourite meals, why not try our Original Oat Bran Powder. Our Bran Powder is also fully vegan and can be added to cereals and other recipes to increase the fibre content.


Why choose oatwell?

  • Reduces cholesterol
  • High in fibre
  • High in protein
  • Vegan
  • Heart health

100% Customer Satisfaction

I add this to baking to lower the carbs and also sometimes cook it on the hob with water for an alternative to porridge for a fantastic breakfast!

Vegan Breakfast Cereals

Your search for healthy vegan breakfast cereals is over with the OatWell™ range. Our range is fully vegan, meaning everyone can enjoy our cholesterol lowering and high fibre cereals.

OatWell™ contains oat beta-glucan, a soluble fibre that has been clinically proven to lower cholesterol levels and contribute to managing cholesterol blood cholesterol levels. Each portion of OatWell™ provides the 3g of oat beta-glucan fibre needed to contribute to healthy cholesterol levels. It can be enjoyed daily as part of a balanced, nutritional vegan diet.

It is these qualities that make OatWell™ a leading healthy, vegan cereal to start off your day off right. Contact the team today for further information, or shop our range here.